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Cynthia Luehr

Cynthia Luehr was born and raised in Germany and started full-time modeling at a young age. Inspired by the fashion work she has been living in cities such as Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Istanbul, and among others. While returning back to Berlin and working for a design and communication agency, her deep involvement in the concepts and art direction of photo shoots increased to the point where she decided to take the camera into her own hands.

Attending the School of Design in Barcelona, Cynthia experimented with photography and honed her skills as a freelance art director.


As an emerging photographer, she focuses on documentary and fashion photography. While in her documentary projects, she comes close to the subject of research, posing substantial questions and probing the outcome through analysis and visualization of her chosen theme, her fashion and portrait photographs have an aesthetic of natural beauty. Taking often place in rural environments, Cynthias relaxed and lyrical approaches create images of genius ease and spontaneity.



Exhibitions / Awards

2022     Igualada Fine Art Festival, Igualada, Spain

2022     Honorable Mention in Creatives Reviews Annual Photo Award 

2021     Interview C41 Magazine 

2021​     Group Show at Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain

2021      Group Show at Museum Can Framis-Fundación Vila Casas, Barcelona, Spain

2021      Special Mention in Blurring The Lines Photo Festival 


Contact / Tel.: +49 (0) 15753554086

Paris/ Barcelona

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